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Processing process of steel plate drum motor shell

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1. Shell unfolding geometry blanking

Because it is not easy to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the cutting machine, the cutting machine cuts the width of the unfolded geometry of the shell according to the width dimension, and the common punch cuts the length of the unfolded geometry of the shell according to the length dimension, that is, cutting and punching combined with cutting.

2. Shell round

The new two roll rounding machine can be formed at one time, and the straight section a of the seam after rounding is about 3-5 times of the plate thickness. Due to the existence of the straight line at the joint, the micro sharp angle appears here after welding, and the opening of the shell after rolling is less than 10mm.

3. Shell welding

The shell is welded by butt welding argon arc welding. The shell is set on the mandrel and clamped by two half tile tooling to ensure that the welding butt joints are flush and flat. The welding equipment is equipped with a programmable controller and the welding gun is a motor steel plate shell welding machine with a constant speed device. The welding surface shall be flat and smooth. After welding, the welding seam of the casing presents a micro dust angle.

4. Shell shaping

After the steel plate casing is rolled and welded, its roundness level is generally less than or equal to 0.50mm. If the precision turning double seam technology is adopted, the shell shaping process can be canceled. In order to eliminate the process of finishing turning double spigot and ensure the consistency of the inner hole size of the casing, that is, to ensure the consistency of the spigot size, the casing is reshaped by the micro radial expansion method.