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Electrostatic protection device of motor housing

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The electrostatic protection device of the motor housing includes a base, on which a eliminating structure is installed. There are two removal heads, which are symmetrically installed on the rear end face of the main body seat. Since the main body seat is provided with six annular array through holes at each position of the elimination head, the through holes formed on the annular array form a blowing structure for eliminating the charge of the head. The through holes are of conical hole structure, and the charge generated on the elimination head can be blown to the drive motor through the air jet at the through holes. The through holes of the conical hole structure help to enhance the wind collecting effect.

The electrostatic protection device can effectively cut off the accumulation process of static electricity on the motor shell by setting insulation plates, patches and grounding wires, and guide the static electricity to the ground, eliminate the static electricity of the motor shell, ensure the safety of the motor, reduce the potential safety hazards, and improve the use efficiency of the device.

The present invention solves the problem that the charge on the head and the charge on the motor housing cannot contact quickly through the improvement of the structure; The problem of automatic head dust cleaning cannot be realized by structural improvement.